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NPM Commonly used Commands

  • npm list ---> Show all the dependencies version.

  • npm list --depth=0 --> Only show the dependencies of your application.

  • npm view -packageName -> See the specific module’s package.json.

  • npm view -packageName dependencies --> See the specific module’s dependencies.

  • npm view -packageName version --> See the specific module’s all version.

  • npm view -packageName property --> See the specific module’s property.(Any property in the package.json, such as dependencies).

  • npm outdated --> See what package have been updated and what are the new version

  • npm update --> Update the module, only works for updating minor and patch released.

  • npm i -packageName --save-dev --> Install the module in develop environment.

  • npm uninstall -packageName || npm un -packageName --> Uninstall the module.

  • npm i -g -packageName --> Install global package.

  • npm -g outdated --> Check out all the global package installed.